Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Indulge In Comfort with Global Total Office

Indulge In Comfort with Global Total Office by OfficeFurnitureDeals.com
Global Total Office specializes in the provision of high quality ergonomic seating solutions designed to provide users with unrivaled support. Their best selling Indulge chair line is no exception. Today on the blog we'll highlight the features and benefits of this professional office chair collection. Prepare to be impressed!

Look good, feel good! With the Indulge chair from Global Total Office you'll be sitting in style. These designer office chairs will wow you even at first glance with their contemporary back design and upscale characteristics. The Indulge provides the perfect blend modern ergonomics, traditional elegance, and upscale appeal.

Indulge Office Chair BackThe Global Total Office seating from the Indulge collection packs a major ergonomic punch. The most stand out feature is the adjustable Schukra lumbar support that makes operating during tough days at the office a breeze. In addition, Indulge chairs are outfitted with adjustable T shaped arms with sliding arm caps that help users compute at correct, healthy angles.

Global Total Office Indulge Chair Review by OfficeFurnitureDeals.comIndulge chairs are available in high and mid back variations to meet the needs of any body type. Taller users will love the 3690-1 Indulge series chairs with it's 50" high design. The 3691-1 Indulge series chair boasts a 43" high back that makes it perfect for users up to 6' tall.

At the everyday low price of just $522.99, the 3691 Indulge office chair can be yours in a wide variety of durable grade 3 upholstery options from Global Total Office. The 3690-1 high back Indulge chair is only slightly more expensive at $576.99. Needless to say, these chairs provide exceptional value.

Global Total Office Indulge Chair Rating by OfficeFurnitureDeals.comIf you're looking for an office chair that's easy to use and ready to provide all day support, the Indulge is a can't miss solution. While you won't be wowed by overly modern features, the Indulge will no doubt provide you with a sitting experience that won't soon be forgotten. Sit in either model from this popular collection and you'll never settle for anything less. The Indulge is a real workhorse that's ready to rock your work day in the best ways. We give these awesome chairs a well deserved 4 out of 5 star rating.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Ergo Experts: Symmetry Office

Symmetry Office Ergonomic Solutions from OfficeFurnitureDeals.com
When it comes to workplace ergonomics, Symmetry Office knows their stuff. This industry leading brand specializes in the manufacturing of high tech ergo solutions designed to promote good blood flow, reduce fatigue, and improve performance. Today on the blog we'll take at the products that keep Symmetry Office in a league of their own. Enjoy!

Symmetry Office Monitor Mounts at OfficeFurnitureDeals.comNobody does monitor mounts better than Symmetry Office, period! The articulating arms from this highly respected brand provide unmatched versatility and functionality. Best selling Symmetry Office monitor arms like the ALLURE-2-SS make it easy for users to switch from sitting to standing positions. This dual screen mount increases usable desk space while simultaneously reducing visual fatigue. The Allure mounts in just minutes to improve any workstation it resides in!

Symmetry Office Harmony CPU HolderYou gotta love the simple and effective CPU holders from Symmetry Office. If you're tired of banging your knees on the CPU every time you slide your chair underneath your desk, check out the Harmony holder! Priced at just $63.99, this is one of the main ergonomic products we can't live without.  The Harmony attaches underneath any desk surface and helps create a ton of extra leg space. Having your CPU off the ground also protects your important digital files from theft and water damage.

Symmetry Office Keyboard TraysSymmetry Office keyboard trays will have you computing at healthy angles in no time. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is no joke! That being said, you need to take the initiative to fight back by incorporating an articulating keyboard platform into your workspace. Rest assured, Symmetry Office has you covered. They're proud to provide dozens of options priced just over a hundred bucks. The addition of an ergonomic keyboard tray will also greatly improve your amount of usable desk surface space. If you haven't made the switch, the time is now. This is one trend that's become an industry standard!

Align Laptop Cart by Symmetry OfficeThe ergonomic laptop desks from Symmetry Office pack a major ergonomic punch! Align series carts are the perfect option for fast paced work environments and healthcare facilities. With it's 20" x 10" surface, this cart provides ample operating area. The lithium battery compartment, optional wire organizing basket, and security lock are all well thought out additions that make the Align cart one of the coolest ergonomic solutions on the market.

Sit To Stand Desks from Symmetry OfficeLast but certainly not least, jump on board with the hottest ergonomic movement by selecting a sit to stand workstation from Symmetry Office. As you'll want to avoided extended sits at all costs, the sit to stand stations from Symmetry promote continuous movement in the workplace. With a variety of sizes and shapes available, creating a sit to stand station to work for your specific business needs is easier than ever. The benefits of sit to stand desks are making many of today's top schools consider making the switch as well!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Skyrocket Comfort With These 5 Office Chairs!

Office Chairs That Skyrocket Comfort by OfficeFurnitureDeals.com
Shopping for a new office chair can be a challenging process. The selection is extensive, the features are confusing, and finding a great deal is never easy. But have no fear! Today on the Office Furniture Deals blog we've got you covered. Here we're highlighting 5 awesome office chairs that will help you soar into comfort without the headaches. Enjoy!

Offices To Go OTG2913 Managers ChairSkyrocket comfort and minimize the ergonomic learning curve with the all new OTG2913 model high back managers chair from Offices To Go. This Luxhide chair offers a supple, durable, and easy to clean upholstery that offers the same look and feel as genuine leather, but at a significantly reduced price point. The OTG2913 comes equipped with ergonomic attributes that include an adjustable back, forward controls for ease of operation, seat slider, and multi functional arms that work together to make finding the correct computing position a breeze!

Global Total Office Loover High Back Chair at OfficeFurnitureDeals.comWe've in love with the Loover! This modern mesh back office chair from Global Total Office is the first seating solution on the market to feature a weight sensing mechanism that requires no tilt tension adjustments. It's always set right for it's users. This translates to one of the absolute best sitting experiences you'll find in 2016. The Loover is breathable, supportive, effective, and incredibly easy to use!

iDesk Oroblanco Chair from Cherryman IndustriesIf you're ready to take comfort to a whole new level, check out the iDesk Oroblanco chair from Cherryman Industries. This simple to use ergonomic chair with sophisticated ergonomic qualities provides a built in adjustment guide for personal comfort. The Oroblanco comes with an advanced multi functional mechanism and breathable mesh back. These stylish task chairs are exceptionally supportive and well rounded. You won't find a better chair at it's respectable $339.99 price point!

RFM Preferred Seating R2 Rainier Chair at OfficeFurnitureDeals.comFourth on our list of office chairs designed to help you skyrocket into unmatched comfort is the R2 Rainier from RFM Preferred Seating. Don't be fooled by the simple design, this RFM Rainier chair packs a major ergonomic punch. With it's 300 pound weight rating, it's also a perfect option for big and tall users. The Rainier provides extra lumbar support and a seat slider that helps users take the pressure of their knees when working. The four-function control system and adjustable T shaped arms are easy to use and very helpful during those long days at the office.

Sit On It Seating Novo Chair at OfficeFurnitureDeals.com
Last but certainly not least, we present to you the all new Novo chair from Sit On It Seating. If the average chair just won't cut it, give this cutting edge solution a try. These customizable office chairs from Sit On It can be customized with a choice of 3 arms types. The Novo features a waterfall seat edge, adjustable lumbar support system, and much more. We've said it once and we'll say it again. Not all office chairs are created equal. Those like the Novo reign supreme! With 3 frame finishes, 12 mesh back colors, and a choice of mechanism, the Novo makes it easy to create a personalized office chair that's ready to meet your style and comfort needs simultaneously.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Office Inspirations: 5 Welcome Desks with Wow Factor

So you're looking to create an awesome guest welcoming area that impresses your valued visitors? You're in the right place! Here on the OfficeFurnitureDeals.com blog we're ready to inspire your project by highlighting 5 of the coolest stations on the market. These designer welcome desks offer the perfect blend of quality, functionality, and wow factor needed to kick corporate appeal into overdrive.

Welcome Desks with Wow Factor at OfficeFurnitureDeals.comIt simply doesn't get cooler than the custom reception desks from the Global Total Office Zira collection in 2016. With a seemingly limitless array of modular components, Zira makes it easy to create out of this world guest welcoming stations. While more expensive than your average reception desk, Zira is far from average! The custom layouts available from the Zira line can be enhanced with two tone finish combinations, attractive handle pulls, edge options, cutting edge storage components, and frosted glass paneling. If you're looking to think outside the realm of traditional casegoods furniture, give Zira your full attention!

Mayline Sterling Reception Furniture at OfficeFurnitureDeals.comGet inspired by the trend setting finish options available on the all new Sterling welcome desks from Mayline! With options like Textured Driftwood and Brown Sugar, you'll be able to kick those overly used maple and cherry tones to the curb. In addition to their incredibly cool wood grain laminate tones, Sterling stations feature glass transaction counters and contemporary work surface extensions that put them in a league of their own. If you want to learn how to create a cool guest reception area for your business, start by checking out Mayline's new Sterling office furniture collection.

Mayline Medina Reception Desk
We normally avoiding highlighting more than 1 collection from the same brand in our blog posts, but not showcasing the Mayline Medina reception desk line would be an absolute travesty! These welcome stations are inspiring makeover projects with their elegant laminate finishes, glass accents, and silver trim. The Medina furniture collection as a whole has been 2016's top rated line. Design teams and industry professionals will not hesitate to confirm, Medina reigns supreme in nearly every setting.

OFM Marque Reception StationThe OFM Marque collection has been an industry favorite for years. That being said, OFM gave this best seller a boost in 2016 with the addition of a designer white finish option. The curved front reception stations from the Marque collection are enjoying a renewed vigor this year. With multiple sizes available, this versatile line is ready to accommodate interiors small and large while supplying the wow factor needed to impress your guests.

Cherryman Reception FurnitureTackling a large reception area remodeling project on a budget? Have no fear, Cherryman is here! The inspiring and affordable Amber furniture collection has you covered. Amber stations like the AM-400N are ready to accommodate multiple receptionists with their spacious design. As an added bonus, this full service furniture collection from Cherryman Industries also offers the matching wood side chairs and accent tables needed to complete your guest welcoming area with a cohesive vibe that shows your design prowess.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

10 Things To Consider When Purchasing Your First Office Chair

10 Things To Consider When Purchasing An Office Chair by OfficeFurnitureDeals.comPurchasing your first office chair is a big deal. As you'll no doubt want to make a smart ergonomic investment, we're here to help. Today on the Office Furniture Deals Blog we'll highlight the 10 things you'll need to be aware of to obtain optimal value and comfort. Enjoy!

1.) Mechanism

The mechanism is the brain of your office chair. Approximately 75% of all functions are controlled with the levers coming off of your mechanism. This year weight sensing mechanisms have been the latest craze. Chairs like the 6331-8 Vion from Global Total Office are amongst the most popular models on the market equipped with weight sensing mechanisms. Alternative mechanisms like Syncro-Titlers are also excellent options to consider when chair shopping.

2.) Arms

Adjustable or non-adjustable, that is the question! All silly jokes aside, the arms on our chair play a key roll in overall functionality. Office chairs with loop style arms are typically used in conference chairs, while adjustable arm models are the preferred choice for intensive tasking and computing. The top rated office chairs of 2016 come equipped with multi functional chair ups that adjust vertically and horizontally. Check out the the iOO chair from Eurotech Seating to see what we mean!

3.) Back Height

Office chairs are commonly available in low, mid, and high back variations. If you're a taller individual, you'll likely want to opt for a high back chair to provide you with the support you need to operate efficiently. Pay close attention to the back height of chairs you're considering for your workspace.

4.) Dimensions

Much like with back height, you'll want to pay close attention to dimensions to ensure you select a chair that fits your body type. To determine what seat and back dimensions you'll need to survive those long days at the office, visit a showroom in your area. Take a notepad to jot down dimensions of chairs you found comfortable and supportive. If you plan to purchase your office chair online as we recommend, any reputable seating provider should have dimensions handy to provide you with the essential info needed to make an educated purchasing decision.

5.) Weight Rating

The weight rating of your chair is very important, especially for the big and tall crowd. You don't want to select a chair that's not built to handle you for long periods of time. While weight ratings are typically a bit conservative, they should still be considered and followed by any chair shopper.

6.) Brand

Not all office chairs are considered equal. As you'll no doubt be met with thousands of models to choose from, we highly recommend limiting your search to a few key brands you can rely on. We suggest Eurotech Seating, Global Total Office, and Offices To Go with confidence. Rest assured, there's a high quality office chair from each of these brands to meet every ergonomic need and budget.

7.) Upholstery

Leather, mesh, or fabric? Which will you choose? Until you test out models from each category, it's a guessing game. Sure leather is luxurious, but it's not breathable like mesh. Fabric chairs are often available in cool color options, but are they as durable as high end leathers? Do your research before making a purchase by asking your dealer of choice about the benefits of each option. Always be sure to inquire about the grade of material used on the chair. Upholsteries are graded by the amount of "double rubs" they can withstand. It helps users determine long term durability and quality!

8.) Reviews

Honest reviews are valuable tools to consider when trying to select the best office chair for your personal needs. While not all reviews can be trusted, those done by non bias parties and buyers are invaluable. You can find awesome reviews and even demo videos on blogs like ours, manufacturer websites, and even YouTube!

9.) Price

If you get a great deal on your office chair, you'll feel fantastic about your purchase. To find the best office chair value buys, call dealers directly. You can spend a ton of time browsing coupon sites, but we recommend making a two minute phone call. Dealers will be happy to give you over the phone pricing and even discounted models you might not have considered. You'll also get a great idea on the level of customer service they provide.

10.) Manual

Last but certainly not least, any reputable manufacturer will have the manuals of their products posted online. Before purchasing your first office chair, check out the owners manual and assembly instructions to ensure you'r not getting in over your head. To be quite honest, office chairs are only as good as their owners. Many of today's chairs are confusing and tend to leave buyers disappointed with their purchases. Reviewing the manual of chairs your considering will have you ahead of the curve! When your new chair arrives, you'll be ready to master it's features and achieve unrivaled comfort.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Industry Specific Design Trends of 2016

Here on the Office Furniture Deals Blog, we take pride in highlighting the latest design trends and product releases to help our readers keep their interiors on the cutting edge. This year trends for healthcare, educational, retail, and other industries have started to emerge! That being said, it's time for us to get to work. Check out the latest ideas and remodeling strategies today.

Industry Specific Office Design Trends by OfficeFurnitureDeals.comHealthcare

When it comes to healthcare furniture and seating, easy to clean upholstery options reign supreme! In intensive use environments like physician waiting rooms durable products are a must. Unfortunately, that commonly comes with hefty price tags. Thankfully, brands like OFM are paving the way with trend setting modern seating solutions that really rock. Popular new OFM collections like Morph, Serenity, and Triumph make it easy to create stylish healthcare waiting environments on a budget. Modern and contemporary seating lines from OFM are trending big time in 2016. If you're tackling a waiting room makeover, check them out. You'll be glad you did!

Sit To Stand Classroom Desks at OfficeFurnitureDeals.comEducational

These days it's all about functionality and versatility in the classroom. In 2016, school are making the switch to standing desks that promote continuous movement while avoiding extended sits. As sitting for long periods of time is simply unhealthy, sit to stand desks and workstations offer the ergonomic benefits needed keep our young minds learning correctly and without the physical strain caused by sitting for hours upon hours. Best selling sit to stand desk and table models from brands like Global Total Office, Mayline, and ESI Ergonomic Solutions are a must consider for any school looking to update their classrooms.

Powered Lounge and Waiting Room SeatingRetail

Retail environments are making use of today's hottest powered seating solutions to improve the guest experience. You'll commonly see powered chairs that allow guests to charge and operate devices quickly and efficiently in malls and other department stores. Powered chairs are a great option for outside any changing room and dressing area! Brands like Global Total Office and OFM are making their mark in 2016 with cool powered furniture collections your valued visitors will absolute love. Rest assured, powered seating is rapidly moving from trend to industry standard.

Global Total Office Roma Drafting Stool at OfficeFurnitureDeals.comEngineering & Design

In the engineering and design industry, workers are always looking for ways to keep their interiors on the cutting edge. This year, it's all about combining cool and comfort! For that reason, designers and engineers alike are upgrading their sitting experience with stylish ergonomic drafting chairs to use at their stations. In years passed, workers in this booming industry were forced to rely on old school stools that provided little in the way of back support. Thankfully, brands like Global Total Office are answering the call with upscale ergo seating solutions from collections like Roma and Vion. These new user friendly chairs provide an unrivaled sitting experience that's far more than trends. Sit in a Global Total Office drafting and design chair once and there's no turning back! In addition, we've seen a boom in the popularity of lighted drafting tables and adjustable glass top craft stations for both professional and beginning designers. If you'd like to learn more about this growing development, check out the industrial drafting tables from Mayline. They're the best in the business!

Powered Boardroom Table at OfficeFurnitureDeals.com Legal

Classic and traditionally styled furnishings will always have their place in legal settings. That being said, law offices are looking for ways to modernize and step outside the realm of traditional products in 2016. This year, powered boardroom tables and ribbed back chairs have been the preferred industry choice. Cutting edge boardroom tables with USB, HDMI, Audio, AC, and other surface level input options help law firms streamline strategy sessions. Those making the switch are enjoying unmatched versatility and functionality! Additionally, the days of using bulky conference chairs that waste floor space are coming to an end. Instead, ribbed back and segmented cushion chair styles have become the go to option as they help create additional elbow room without sacrificing core ergonomic values and comfort. You can find awesome powered tables, as well as best selling ribbed back office chairs from brands like Global Total Office, Mayline, and Cherryman Industries in 2016.

OFM Endure Powered Bistro Table at OfficeFurnitureDeals.comFood and Entertainment

Last but certainly not least, if you're in the food and entertainment business, consider making the switch to bar height bistro tables in 2016. Brands like OFM who are always ahead the curve are offering industrially infused bar height tables from their Endure collection that even have powered tops! In addition to bar height tables, brands like Mayline are making their impression felt with heavy duty stack stools that are easy to clean and perfect for restaurant settings. Last but certainly not least, restaurants looking to improve their waiting experience are turning to modular lounge and guest seating solutions that help maximize floor space. Much like the retail industry, powered chairs are also a great option! Your guests will love the ability to utilize their devices without the feat of draining precious battery life while waiting for a table.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Fashionable Furniture: Mayline Sterling Collection

Fashionable Furniture from the Mayline Sterling Collection by OfficeFurnitureDeals.com
Tired of the same old furniture collections that do little to boost corporate appeal? Have no fear, we've got you covered! Today on the Office Furniture Deals Blog we'll be highlighting the unbelievably cool workplace solutions from the Mayline Sterling collection. Rest assured, the desks, reception stations, tables, and accessories from this hot new line will be wowing your valued visitors in no time!

Mayline Sterling Office Furniture at OfficeFurnitureDeals.comThe modular workstations and desks from the Mayline Sterling collection are in a league of their own. With L shaped, U shaped, corner, and stand alone variations available, finding a perfect desk configuration from your interior is easier than ever. Sterling executive desk boast opaque acrylic accents that perfectly compliment distinctively bold surface curves. It simply doesn't get cooler than Sterling. These Mayline desks mean business!

Mayline Sterling Reception DesksGet ready to make a statement! The guest welcoming desks from the Mayline Sterling collection are unlike anything on the market. With curved work surface extensions and glass transaction counters, these modern reception desks are ready to earn your interior the positive compliments it deserves.

Mayline Conference Furniture at OfficeFurnitureDeals.com
If you're on a mission to create a cool boardroom furniture business, look no further than the tables and accessories from the Mayline Sterling collection. These boat shaped conference tables and square top meeting tables offer unmatched appeal with their handcrafted details, thick surfaces, and knife edges. Sterling conference tables are available in lengths up to 16'. The T shaped table bases help to create meeting areas that perfectly blend the best modern and traditional design qualities.

Mayline Sterling CabinetsLast but certainly not least, this fashionable furniture collection from Mayline offers the accessories and storage components needed to put your interiors over the top. Sterling wall cabinets offer an executive look in a choice of 3 quick shipping finish options. The desk pedestals and hutch units from the Sterling line save space and help promote proper stationary and document organizing. In addition, folding presentation boards are available and come in very hand in conference room environments during group strategy sessions. Is their anything you can't do with Sterling? We think not!